convoluted idiot

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I’m so tired. tired of the people closest to me, whom I have shared my whole life with, actually never understanding my needs. never understanding when to leave well alone and give me space.

give me time. I need so much more time than you think. I’m not ok. I may look it and act it on the outside, but I’m not. I may have built a too good facade that can fool anyone. but not you. because I have told you over and over and I know you know. you always say “we mean well” “we didn’t mean it like that” “we were just saying” “there’s no pressure”. but please understand, you destroy me a little bit more every time. the things that seem small and insignificant to you are huge to me. I try so hard, but it never seems to be enough. my trust and self esteem is fragile. I have been broken and shattered so many times and I don’t know if I’ll ever be whole again. but maybe, some day in the future, I will at least be able to hold the pieces together. so please, give me time.

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